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LoginLlama adds an extra layer of customer security without the extra work using our simple API.

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How it works

LoginLlama uses a number of ranking factors to decide if a login is deemed suspicious. We determine a score for each login based on how 'suspicious' it is. We then use bollinger bands to determine if the login is suspicious or not.

Historic Behavior

This is the strongest indicator of suspicious activity. We analyze the historic behavior of the user to determine if the login attempt is suspicious - looking at the time of day and location.

AI Analysis

We utilize AI to ask what it thinks about the login attempt based on the historic behavior of the user and other ranking factors we use. Think of it as an automated judge.

Request Origin

We look at the IP address of the login attempt and information about it. For example, we check if that IP address is from known VPN providers or a TOR exit node. We check this against historic IP addresses the customer has used.

User Agent

Looking at the user agent we can determine the users browser and operating system. This data is used to check against where the customer usually logs in.

Six Problems Solved by Suspicious Login Detection Systems

Unauthorized access

Identifies and prevents unauthorized users from accessing sensitive data, user accounts, or critical systems, thereby safeguarding important information.

Account takeover

Detects unusual login patterns or activities that may indicate a compromised account, preventing cybercriminals from taking control and causing damage.

Brute force attacks

Blocks attackers attempting to gain access to accounts or systems by repeatedly trying different username and password combinations, reducing the risk of unauthorized access.

Credential stuffing

Detects and blocks attempts to use stolen or leaked credentials from data breaches to gain unauthorized access to user accounts, protecting users from potential harm.

Phishing and social engineering attacks

Minimizes the impact of phishing or social engineering attacks by identifying and flagging suspicious login attempts originating from these attacks.

Insider threats

Monitors unusual login activities by authorized users that may indicate malicious intent or misuse of privileged access, mitigating internal security risks.


Extra security, without the extra work

Integrate LoginLlama into your existing login flow with just a few lines of code. Our API is designed to be easy to use, so you can get started quickly. An SDK is coming soon for NodeJS.

Sensitivity controls
We understand that not all login attempts are created equal. With LoginLlama, you can set granular sensitivity controls to help you customize your fraud detection settings to fit your unique needs. Our sensitivity controls allow you to easily set thresholds and rules for when to trigger alerts.
API Designed for Developers
LoginLlama is designed for developers, by developers. Our API is easy to integrate into your existing systems, and our documentation is comprehensive and easy to understand.
Detect fraud easily
You can easily detect suspicious logins and protect your users' accounts. Our advanced algorithms analyze login attempts and provide you with real-time alerts whenever suspicious activity is detected.
Designed for Scale
LoginLlama is designed to scale with your enterprise needs. Our API is designed to handle large amounts of traffic, and our infrastructure is built to support the needs of even the largest enterprises.

Pricing Plans

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