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Announcing LoginLlama for PHP

Previously I announced the availability of the Node.js package. Today I’m happy to announce the availability of the PHP package!

You can find it on Composer here:

At the moment, it only supports plain old PHP. But I’ll be adding support for Laravel and other frameworks soon (let me know which!).

Here’s how to use it.

First download it

composer require joshghent/loginllama

Include the autoload

require_once 'vendor/autoload.php';

Then invoke it with the API key. Alternatively if the API key is set in the environment then you can leave this blank.

$loginLlama = new LoginLlama("YOUR_API_TOKEN");

Then check the login!

$result = $loginLlama->check_login([
    'ip_address' => '',
    'user_agent' => 'Mozilla/5.0',
    'identity_key' => 'validUser'

And hey presto! You’re done. It's quick and easy to integrate LoginLlama into your PHP application now. And it's free to get started! Sign up for an account here.